Pharmaseal Scrubs (world-wide Pat. Pend.) are disposable and reusable barrier covers for use in Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Laboratory, Food Processing and Warehousing and other clean/semi-clean operations areas.


 The main uses of the Scrubs are three-fold:

  1. To keep a clean area safe from a dirty item that is needed to enter into it, for example a weld gas cylinder in a Pharmaceutical or semiconductor manufacturing operations room.

  2. To keep a clean item from getting contaminated as it travels from one clean area to another, for example a drum is filled in one area then transported via truck or even just around a facility to an area where it is to be dispensed.  The scrub would in this situation be put on in the one room then removed as it gets to the other room.

  3. Validated packaging that has the following features:

  1. Made to suit the specific item

  2. Tamper-proof seal

  3. Built-in material handling aids


Standard units are available for all types of pallet jacks, forklifts, walkie-stackers, all sizes and makes of drums, large and small gas cylinders, carts, dollies, tanks, bins, boxes, and hand trucks.


Custom configurations and sizes are available, including special application items.


Pharmaseal Scrubs also have a variety of options for sealing and we offer various styles depending on whether you require an industrial grade unit or a clean room unit and if disposable or reusable models are desired.


The standard units come in two different styles:

  1. A non-woven Tyvek /Typar + polyethylene combination for a disposable single use/short term use

  2. A woven polypropylene which would be reusable for long periods of time depending on usage.

Each of these styles has three different ways of being sealed:

  1. A standard Velcro

  2. A high-grade velcro

  3. A "zip-lock" style

Depending on the use, we manufacture the units in a semi-clean or clean room environment.  Please designate which manufacturing method is needed before ordering.


The materials are also available in an anti-static or anti-microbial material.




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