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Process Solutions designs and manufactures specialty equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Chemical and Food Industries.  We have been in business since 1991 and are located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Process Solutions manufactures the following products:

Material Handling

  • Omega Lift™ stationary lifters/dumpers for drums/bins/containers

  • Omega Mover portable lifters/dumpers for drums/bins/containers

  • Omega Blenders for drums/bins/containers

  • Fork lift attachments

  • Hoist Attachments

  • Sanitary Hoists

  • Pallet jacks and powered pallet jacks

  • Drum mixers

  • Discharge stations for drums and bins

  • Carts and cabinets

All material handling equipment is available in stainless steel for clean applications as well as painted steel.   All of the machinery comes in various configurations and sizes to suite what items need to be handled and whether the equipment is manual or automated.


  • Drums in stainless steel, steel and plastic (from 1 to 100 gallons) for processing and shipping

  • Discharge cones for any sized/manufacture of drums in stainless steel, Hastelloy, steel and aluminum

  • Bins in stainless steel, steel, aluminum and plastic (from 1 to100 cu. ft.) for processing and shipping

  • Process tanks in stainless steel, steel and plastic (up to 5,000 gallons)

  • ASME tanks in stainless steel and steel (up to 5,000 gallons)

  • Hoppers in stainless steel, steel, aluminum and plastic (up to 100 cu. ft.)

Isolation Technology

  • Pharaseal Scrubs™ (patent pending)

  • Disposable and reusable equipment covers (ex. pallet jacks, gas cylinders, fork lift forks, utility belts, control panels, robotic arms, tool boxes, Etc.)

  • Specialty packaging for any item for shipping or warehousing with options for tamper-proof seals and built-in material aids.

We also distribute the following:

Sanitary Butterfly Valves

Standard stainless steel wafer, silicone wafer and rotary styled valves (from 1" to 16")

If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us.




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