Omega Lifts are our line of stationary lifters and dumpers.  Omega Movers are our portable lifters and dumpers.






The Omega Lifts are available in the following configurations:

  1. Ball screw lifts with capacities to 6000#

  2. Cable lifts with capacities to 2000#

  3. Chain hoist lift with capacities to 5000#

  4. Hydraulic piston lifts with capacities up to 4000#



External construction of the Omega Lifts are Stainless Steel or Painted.

The Omega Lifts can be used with any type of item ranging from drums to bins to bowls, mixers, tanks or boxes.

Units are available that range from completely manual in operation to units that are fully automated.

Units are available powered by pneumatics (90 psi), standard electric (110/208/460/575) or to meet hazardous/explosion-proof environments.

Omega Lifts are customized to meet your requirements for lift capacity, lift height and reach.


Ranges of motion:


Omega Lifts (stationary lifts):

  1. Vertical lift up to 25'

  2. Horizontal (slew) rotation of the column 360 degrees

  3. Inversion of the container up to 360 degrees

  4. Horizontal telescoping of the tool holding the container up to 2'


Omega Movers (portable lifts):

  1. Vertical lifts up to 14' *

  2. Inversion of the container up to 360 degrees

  3. Horizontal telescoping of the tool holding the container up to 2'

  4. Portable manually or via powered drive wheel



(Note: The vertical mast telescopes up to allow the Omega mover to have a
lowered height that would fit through doors and low ceiling areas.)


Click here to view movement specifications diagram



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