Controlled Discharging System for Iris Diaphragm Flow Control Valves
Automation of the Iris Diaphram Valve Actuation Safe Actuation of the Mucon Iris Diaphram Valve to open and close Reduced Operator Exposure Level (.oel)

Features / Benefits:

  1. Actuation of iris valves where individual valve actuators are not cost effective or efficient.

  2. Eliminates reliance on manual tools to open valves.

  3. Eliminates worker direct exposure to the product.

  4. Increases worker safety in situations where access to the iris valve requires an operator to climb up a ladder/platform or reach on the ground.

  5. Can be installed as an independent discharge station for bins, drums, bulk bags, or retrofitted to existing equipment, (lifters, tablet press, bottle fillers, etc.), including integration controls.

  6. Can be set to work on a variety of containers and valve sizes in one package.

  7. Control packages range from simple powered open/close to fully automated systems with preprogrammed open/close, and dosing systems.

  8. All contact materials are T-316L stainless steel with a mirrored polish.  All non-contact exposed parts are T-304 stainless steel.

  9. Control system allows for repeatability of activities that can be validated.

Standard Packages:

iValve™ Dosing System - basic package:

  • This package includes the powered opening system with a control package of powered open/close that is manually controlled with pushbuttons and joysticks. This system is configured to work on a single size and type of iris valve that is oriented in the same location on each container.


1. Automatic  / pre-program package:

  • This package includes a touch screen and pre-programmed operations that will have the capability for variable speed actuation, metering, recipes and iValve™ Dosing™.

  • Add-on: data logging

2. Valve vari-orientation package:

  • This package includes a tracking system for locating the orientation of a single size of iris valve

3. Valve vari-size package:

  • This package includes a powered change-over to allow for a range of valve sizes

4. Loss-in-weight package:

  • This package includes integration with load cells for controlled discharge.  This package requires the Automatic/pre-program package to be installed.

Additional Options:

  1. New, independent discharge station for bin loading

  2. New, independent discharge station for drum loading

  3. Retrofit of existing equipment with independent controls

  4. Retrofit of existing equipment with integrated controls



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